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► Russian research-and-production company “FITO-AGRO” has over 15 years experience in researching and manufacturing of the professional equipment for greenhouses. During last years a wide range of mixers for irrigation in greenhouses, mixers for lettuce irrigation and computerized climate control systems have been researched.


► You can use our systems for growing vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc.) and flowers (roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies etc.) on soils and in low-capacity technology for creating optimal conditions of irrigation, plants feeding and climate management. This allows getting highest harvest even on a small square of greenhouse and makes producing much more effective.

“FITO” produces and delivers next 5 kinds of equipment:

  1. Mixers for irrigation in greenhouses. Mixers designed for preparing fertilizer solutions for plants feeding according to required parameters of conductivity and pH.
  2. Drop irrigation system. Those systems intended for giving nutrient solutions to the plants. We offer any kind of droppers and integral drop lines.
  3. Water and nutrient solution filtration systems.
  4. Mother waters preliminary preparing center. It designed for dissolution and mixing of fertilizers.
  5. Climate control systems for greenhouses.

Supervisory control

► All made control systems can be connected to a supervisory PC, and the special software allows joining these systems to the united information and management centre. This software allows both to receive all technological parameters of greenhouses in on-line mode and to set parameters and diurnal schedules for the equipment, and also to transfer the received information to any distances by means of local area networks (LAN) and the Internet.

Support & Warranty

► The service maintenance (during the 2-years warranty and after it) is an essential part of our firm policy. All questions and problems originated from control system operation are solved on-the-fly. Necessary spare units are delivered to consumers by online service. All clients’ requests are considered in issuing of new versions of controlling software which are delivered to clients free of charge.


► All our control systems are easy-to-operate and have large operational reliability. We specially developed controller for using in these systems. One of its advantages is the multistage system of protection against failures. All units of the controller and also other electric elements of systems are placed in cases with a class of protection IP65. In parts of system where extra reliability is required we use duplication, for example, in 2-sensor measurement of EC and pH.

Additional Services

► Besides producing and delivering of equipment “FITO-AGRO” renders a service of agronomical accompaniment of projects, conducts studying seminars for specialists, who grows vegetables and flowers in greenhouses. Also we offer to your attention computer program “Agronom” that calculates nutrient solutions for irrigation of the plants.


► The control equipment of our company is established and successfully operates in greenhouses on the area more than 300 hectares. “FITO-AGRO” continuously improves the equipment, satisfying increasing requirements of the consumer market.