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Nutrient solution units for various technologies: drop irrigation, lettuce lines and seedling sections watering, floriculture.

Filtered water flows to the mixing tank (the mixer) of the nutrient solution unit.
Water is pumped into the drop irrigation system and provides the necessary pressure for the ejectors’ work. Ejector consists of a nozzle and a mixing chamber. Water flows through the narrow nozzle under pressure. Mixing chamber produces rarefaction. And due to the fact that the pressure inside mixing chamber is lower than atmosphere one, mother solution flows into the chamber and is mixed with the water flowing through the ejector.
Measuring of the mother solution is fixed by the electromagnetic valves that are managed by controller.
Fertilizer measuring system provides preparation of the nutrient solution:

  • using fertilizers of any quality;
  • keeping accurate concentration of nutrient materials;
  • running measurements and controlling conductivity and pH permanently.

After water filtration solution is injected into the distributive system according to the schedule set by an agronomist or a technologist.
The irrigation task programming

  • offers friendly interface;
  • doesn’t  require expert knowledge;
  • becomes familiar within the several hours;
  • allows user to organize balanced plant nutrition all day long.

Controllers can be joined by the network and connected to a PC. Special PC software is developed for remote controlling and monitoring the nutrient solution unit.

“FITO-AGRO” solution units are easy and reliable in operation. Control and power units are placed in hermetic enclosures (IP65). All the elements of the solution unit are made of non-corroding materials.

Also we offer preliminary project inspection, preparing of all project documentation, patron-assemblage, fettling and putting into operation for free.
The service maintenance (during the warranty and after it) is an essential part of our firm policy. Equipment and spare parts are delivered to consumers at the earliest possible date.
Through all work period firm use to carry out in-depth study of the consumer market and polishes up its equipment in order to satisfy the increasing requirements of our partners.

The basic types of produced nutrient solution units for various agro-technologies:


FD-326-P for drip irrigation provides automatized cooking feeding solution, planning and installation of drop irrigation on little-volumed substratum in hothouse production. This device allows organizing individual installation of feeding solution for different fragments of hothouse in accordance with time of watering and expenditure of solution. Checking programs helps to plan well movement of flux in course of twenty-four hours, and to discover dependence of sun radiation too.


FD-326-S for lettuce lines automatized cooking feeding solution, programmed in accordance with time of installation of solution to shelves with plants, in accordance with constructing and secondary usage of drain solution in hydroponic plants. This device allows in course of a day to program parameters of feeding solution and allows planning an intensity of watering in course of twenty-four hours.


FD-326-O with circulation of solution is intend for automatized cooking feeding solution, planning and installation of wee watering in hothouse complexes, equipped with hydroponic plants with closed cycle of using of feeding solutions. Circulative solution could be used in preparing solutions for next watering. This device allows organizing individual instillation of feeding solution for separated fragments of hydroponic complex including control of timing of watering and expenses of solution.


FD-326-R for seedlings complexes allows quality preparing of feeding solutions, planning and installation of watering with sinking “influx-outflux” with hydroponic plants. Backing solution could be used in process of preparing solutions for next waterings. This device allows organizing individual installation of feeding solution for separated fragments of hydroponic complex including control of timing of watering and expenses of solution.

Functional possibilities:

  • Double measurement of solution pH Irrigation water temperature control
  • Flexibility of irrigation programs for different cultures
  • Solar radiation activity measurement
  • Oxygen enrichment of nourishing solution
  • Automatic correction of the solution rate by the sun
  • Remote PC controlling
  • Easily handled controller with effective bug-protection
  • Controlling evaporation cooling and moistening systems
  • Double measurement of solution concentration (EC)
  • Refinement extent of nutrient solution – 130 micrometers
  • Number of attached valve sections – up to 22
  • Stainless steel frame, non-plasticized polyvinylchloride conduits
  • Number of attached mother solutions – up to 5
  • Temperature and humidity measurements in a greenhouse – 8 locations
  • Automatic ablution of irrigation water filtration system
  • Electronic mother solution level tracing – 3 channels
  • Nutrient solution productivity – up to 50 cubic meters per hour

Solution units (mixers)
FD series:
Automated drop irrigation on the small 
volume technology


Solution knot for the irrigation with the recurrent solution


Automatic irrigation of the rassadnykh complexes


System of the irrigation of the salad 


Productivity of the solution knot to 60 m3/h. to 60 m3/h. to 60 m3/h. to 60 m3/h.
Irrigation areas 1 - 4 hectare 1 - 4 hectare to 3000 m2 to 3000 m2
Volume of the mixing tank 500 l. 500 l. 500 l. no
Quantity of the connected irrigation valves to 48 to 48 to 48 to 48
Quantity of the connected mother liquors 4 + acids 4 + acids 4 + acids 4 + acids
Degree of cleaning the nourishing solution 130 m. 130 m. 130 m. 130 m.
Degree of cleaning the mother liquors 130 m. 130 m. 130 m. 130 m.
Automatic washing of the sand-gravel filters yes yes yes yes
Control of preheating the water yes yes yes yes
Control of the water treatment yes yes yes yes
Type of ejector and its productivity to 700 l/h. to 700 l/h. to 700 l/h. to 700 l/h.
Sensors EC and RN 2+2 2+2 2+2 2+2
Sensor of the counter of the water 10(100) l. 10(100) l. 10(100) l. 10(100) l.
Diameter of pipes to the entrance and the output 50-110 mm. 50-90 mm. 50-90 mm. 50-90 mm.
Retention of the archive yes yes yes yes
Aeration of the nourishing solution yes yes yes yes
Measurement of solar radiation and the correction of the irrigations yes yes yes yes
Checking of temperature and humidity yes yes yes yes
Control for evaporative cooling system yes yes yes yes
Remote control and control with PC yes yes yes yes
Possibilities on the installation of entire solution knot, including the capacities of the mother solutions Complete installation and the instruction of the specialists Complete installation and the instruction of the specialists Complete installation and the instruction of the specialists Complete installation and the instruction of the specialists
to 30 prescriptions, individual task for each valve. the possibility of using the drainage solution of two zones individual control of the valves of tides the use of a drainage solution with planning of the intensity of the twenty-four hour irrigation

Auxiliary equipment for greenhouses

Unit for preliminary preparation of mother solutions

This unit provides process of qualitative mother solution preparation (using any kind of mineral fertilizers), with the following filtration and swap of this solution to the tanks of main (solution) unit.
Plastic tanks of required volume are filled up with water and necessary quantity of mineral fertilizers.
Then motor reduction gears with intermixing blades of stainless steel get started.
After mixing completion the solution is pumped (with the help of special pumps) over lamellate filters into the tanks with prepared mother solutions.
Pumps allow pumping fractions size up to 17 mm. This lets pumps to be used for mixing (barbotage) mother solutions.
Reliable and practical lamellate filters provide solution mechanical purification from fractions of size more than 130 micrometers. Filtering elements can be easily washed and have practically unlimited durability.

Unit for irrigation water filtration with using of sand-gravel filters

In contrast to gauze and lamellate filters, sand-gravel ones (of any productivity) are able to purify water of extraneous materials and dredges.
Filter ablution is accomplished by the water backflow. Additional purification is provided by the fine gage strainer.